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 In 1828, Jesse Hall, “a man of unblemished character, of broad sense, zealous and given to hospitality”, started a Baptist Church in his home. The Bible and the “Christian Baptist”, written by Alexander Campbell became the main books of study for this young congregation.

A building was built by donated land on the corner, and the church was known simply as “The Church on the Corner”, and eventually became known as Corner House Church.

    In 1828 Walter Scott, evangelist for the Western Reserve Baptist Association, came to Hubbard. Following his teaching and preaching, we became simply a New Testament Church. John Applegate was the congregation’s first minister.

    Age and neglect took its toll and in 1915, after the death of many of the charter members, the services ceased and the doors of the church were closed.

In April of 1923, Mary Hines Stewart Landgrabe, a faithful teacher and long-time member of the church, died. Her dying request was to have her funeral at Corner House Christian Church. This could not be done because of the condition of the building, so the service was held in the nearby cemetery. Her request, however, resulted in a surge of spontaneous interest in restoring the church and the doors were re-opened on June 24, 1923.

    Electricity replaced kerosene oil lamps in April of 1925. New Sunday School classes were dedicated in 1928, a 1 1/2 acre cemetery came in 1940, an 8 room parsonage in 1947, a 5 acre park in 1955, the new sanctuary in 1963, which was built to hold 400 people, the dedication of a new organ and chapel in 1972 and in 1976 the parking lot was paved.

    Corner House has a long list of previous ministers of the Word. Most recently the list includes: Walter Klages, H.E. Ingram, Dale Kuhns, Robert Walther, Thomas Perry, Kenneth Sherrod, James Phillips, Jerry Yorks, Jeffrey Moore and Sheldon Cosma.  David Coxson presently serves as minister.

    Corner House works diligently at accomplishing our mission statement, “Proclaiming Christ’s salvation by evangelizing the lost, nurturing and equipping the saved to lead others to Christ.”

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