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From Dave's Desk...

November 15, 2019

Everything happens for a time and a purpose. Solomon reminds us that God makes
everything beautiful in his time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

I think it is God’s timing, and not my plan that we are doing a couple messages this
November about finances. I personally hate to talk about money. I’d like to tell you
that I am a great financial planner and that all my bill are always paid and that money
problems have escaped me, but that would be a lie. I would also like to tell you that I
give to God from the depths of my heart and never under compulsion but that too
would be untrue.

But in the past year God has been speaking to my gut about a couple of issues dealing
with finances. The question I have wrestled with is "How can we (CHCC) expect
people to give their ten percent and above and beyond when we haven’t taught them
how to better manage the other ninety percent?" So God began placing the
individuals in my path who were able to guide my thought process.
For instance: A Christian preacher who does financial planning with churches
engaged me over lunch a year ago; one of our local funeral directors spoke about
preparing for death at our Happy Wanderers meeting several months ago; One of our
members spoke to me about leading a Financial Peace seminar using trusted
curriculum from Dave Ramsey; Finally, one more member of CHCC has shared their
passion for helping people with important life choices. To make a long story short
the end result is that we will be offering a Financial Peace Class at Corner House in
the near future as interest prevails.
On February 22nd we will be hosting a Financial Planning Seminar right here on these facilities. We will also hope to be offering a session or two for young people who are in college, trade school or who are anticipating post high school or college on how to get a debt free degree.

In II Corinthians 8 Paul is addressing the Macedonian Christians who took up a love
offering for the church in Jerusalem. Paul said that their generosity "exceeded our
expectations" because "They gave themselves first of all to the Lord, and then by
the will of God also to us." Remember my flock, when we give ourselves first to the
Lord our priorities get straightened out rather expediently.

In doing some recent research, I came across an article that gave 5 reasons why
people are motivated to give to the church.

Reason #1: They See a Need
One reason why people gave to the church remodel phase one project is that
needs were established. Our foyer was bottlenecked and crowded – our
children’s classrooms were in need of updating. Although worship, or giving
to the Lord because it flows naturally from a heart that is attuned to God, is by
far the best reason to give, needs are one of the biggest motivators of giving.
Just note that when natural disasters occur, people are motivated to give based
on real needs of real people.

One of the primary goals of our Vision ministry is to establish a priority list of
needs for our congregation. We will then have the opportunity to give
sacrificially and joyfully in order to fulfill those needs.

Reason #2: They Believe in the Vision
Let’s face it - keeping the staff employed, the mortgage current, and the light
bill paid isn’t that inspiring. But being a part of a church that’s making an
eternal difference is a mission that will inspire people.

Think about what we could accomplish at CHCC in terms of ministry if we
didn’t have to worry about the bottom line of last year’s budget or weekly

giving stats. What if we could take the lid off the building and see far beyond
the parameters of the four walls? What is God’s vision for CHCC?

Reason #3: They Are Taught How To Give
Many people don’t give because they don’t know how. Beyond a sermon
series and a simple seminar, what else can we offer our people to teach them,
not only how to give, but how to manage their current resources?

Reason #4: They Understand the Bible
In a recent study of churches it was discovered that the average church teaches
on money for about the sum total of 90 minutes a year. When you consider
that the typical American household consumes more than six hours of
television each day, and that people are now spending on average 24 hours a
week on line, it’s no wonder people in the church don’t manage their money
differently. They get the worlds perspective on resource management and not
the biblical perspective.

We must teach them what the Bible says about money. There are more
passages in the Bible that deal with how we manage our resources than any
other topic including faith.

Reason #5: They Have a Relationship with Someone
Whether it’s the minister, a volunteer, or another Christian friend in the
church, relationships in the church are VERY powerful. When people are
relationally connected, they are more likely to financially contribute. When
people become disconnected, their wallet will leave quickly. Endeavor to
build solid relationships with other people.