"Activities for Seniors in a Christian Atmosphere"

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About Happy Wanderers

Happy Wanderers is an outreach porgram of the church. Church membership is not a requirement to partcipate in this program. If, as you read this, you decide that this might be a group you would like to become a part of, dont hesitate-just come.


Meeting at the church in February of 1990 seventeen men and women chose the name "Happy Wanderers" for the group.


We provide activities for those in their retirement years who wish to meet socially and/or travel with others who have the same interests. Our purpose is to honor God in all that we do.


The group meets in fellowship hall of Corner House Christian Church at noon on the third Friday of each month, with the exception of November. Sometimes adjustments must be made due to the Easter season also. The November meeting is a catered dinner at 5:30 pm on the third Friday.


Meeting times

10:00                Hospitality Committee arrives

10:30-11:30     Others arrive

12:00                Prayer and Lunch

12:30                Devotions and Meeting

1:00                  Program

2:00                  Dismissal


Each person brings a sack lunch and each month either the first half or the last half of the alphabet brings a dozen cookies (per family).


The group is open to all who wish to  participate. To become a member you just attend a meeting. There are no yearly dues, but a collection is take at eacch meeting to cover expenses. Coffee and tea are served also.


Yearly donations are made to the church to cover supplies used. We also collect other items such as, used candles, ads with no printing on the back, school supplies and clothing for the poorest of the poor. Occasionally a program requests donations of items for their projects and we also participate in that.